Remote Operated Vehicle used to inspect wave energy converter benthic components.
Wave Energy

Seamoor Chinook Inspection ROV

Sea Engineering, Inc. Seamoor Chinook ROV is an industrial grade inspection ROV with capability to 1,000ft/300 meters. The chinooks compact profile allows for ease of use with minimal crew and mobilization onto smaller vessels of opportunity.

Standard Equipment and Hardware
  • High Resolution Color, Zoom Camera with Pan and Tilt and Aft Camera
  • Auto Dept hand Heading
  • Tether-launchable
  • Applied Acoustics USBL
  • 6ea. 150W Electric Thrusters with 4 at Stern for Higher Waterflow Capacity
  • DualFunctionGripper
  • 2ea. 1,500 Lumens Dimmable Lights Optional Equipment
Optional Equipment
  • CT/UT Probe Integration
  • Cutter
  • Scanning Sonar
  • Operates On Standard 120 Volt Power
  • Immediate Mobilization and Ease of Deployment and Recovery from Vessels of
  • Opportunity
  • High Resolution Inspection Camera
  • Basic Manipulator Functionality for Sea floor Object Recovery

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