Seamoor Chinook Inspection ROV

Sea Engineering, Inc. Seamoor Chinook ROV is an industrial grade inspection ROV with capability to 1,000ft/300 meters. The chinooks compact profile allows for ease of use with minimal crew and mobilization onto smaller vessels of opportunity.

Standard Equipment and Hardware
  • High Resolution Color, Zoom Camera with Pan and Tilt and Aft Camera
  • Auto Dept hand Heading
  • Tether-launchable
  • Applied Acoustics USBL
  • 6ea. 150W Electric Thrusters with 4 at Stern for Higher Waterflow Capacity
  • DualFunctionGripper
  • 2ea. 1,500 Lumens Dimmable Lights Optional Equipment
Optional Equipment
  • CT/UT Probe Integration
  • Cutter
  • Scanning Sonar
  • Operates On Standard 120 Volt Power
  • Immediate Mobilization and Ease of Deployment and Recovery from Vessels of
  • Opportunity
  • High Resolution Inspection Camera
  • Basic Manipulator Functionality for Sea floor Object Recovery

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