Forum SubAtlantic – Super Mohawk ROV

Sea Engineering’s Super Mohawk ROV is capable of carrying out many of the tasks currently carried out by larger, work class vehicles. The Super Mohawk ROV’s abundance space, rigid open-frame design and payload capacity provide versatile solutions for fitting of multiple equipment and sensors.

The Super Mohawk ROV will support SEI’s marine operations, which includes renewable energy projects, commercial diving, salvage, oceanographic studies and underwater construction.

The Super Mohawk ROV incorporates a 20-ft control van, electric umbilical winch and free swimming vehicle.  The system can be easily mobilized on-board SEIs 74-ft and 84-ft work boats as well as larger vessels or barges of opportunity.

Standard Equipment and Hardware
  • Dual Heavy Duty 5 Function Manipulator Arms
  • 1.5-inch Anvil Cutter
  • 4-inch Hydraulic Rotary Cutting Saw
  • Tritech Dual Frequency Scanning Sonar
  • High Definition Color Zoom Camera Pan and Tilt
  • 6ea. Bowtech3, 200 Lumen LED Dimmable Lights
  • Auto Heading and Depth
  • Applied Acoustics Directional Beacon
  • 65kg (144lbs) Payload Capacity
  • Additional Operations Skids Available (NDT, Pipeline Inspection, Multibeam, Torque Tool, Sample Collection and Storage)
  • 600 Meter Capability (Deeper Capability Available withAdditionalMobilization)
  • Immediate Mobilization and Response from SEI’s Dive and ROV Support Vessel.
  • High Definition Inspection
  • Low Visibility Search Capability
  • Salvage Support
  • Riggingand Cutting
  • Non Destructive Testing ScientificStudySupport

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