Tribar Revetment at Saipan Governor Eloy S. Inos Peace Park
Tribar Revetment
Tribar Revetment at the Puerto Rico Dump
Saipan Revetment

Saipan Revetment at Governor Eloy S. Inos Peace Park

Located immediately adjacent to the island of Saipan’s pristine western lagoon and tourist recreational areas, this project benefited the community by turning the unusable, dangerous and environmentally problematic 21-acre Puerto Rico Dump into a local park that celebrates peace.

Sea Engineering, Inc. was contracted by Black Construction Corporation to provide value engineering analysis for design of the lagoon-side shore protection for the Puerto Rico Dump closure plan. The project involved closure of a shoreline dump site dating back to World War II, and construction of a public park over it. The dump site is located on the shoreline of Tanapag Lagoon, on the east coast of the island of Saipan, and is exposed to typhoon storm events.

Work included design wave analysis using numerical computer modeling, and shore protection revetment design analysis for Tribar concrete armor units. SEI also assisted with construction management to ensure that the armor layer was constructed according to the plans and specifications. The revised armor layer design resulted in significant construction cost savings, and was easier to construct.  In 2018, the project won an Award of Merit.