Kaumalapau Harbor Breakwater Repair

Sea Engineering completed detailed engineering design and construction plans and specifications for a complete re-building of the Kaumalapau Harbor breakwater. This is a major coastal structure, with a final construction cost of $23 million. Design work included a multi-beam hydrographic survey to precisely determine the existing bottom configuration, evaluation of design wave conditions, and hydraulic model studies of breakwater stability. The repair design utilizes 35-ton Core-Loc concrete armor units, which are the largest unit of this type in the world to date. SEI’s work also included preparation and coordination of an environmental assessment, and Federal and State permit applications. Environmental coordination included Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act requirements; Endangered Species Act, Section 7 consultation; Clean Water Act, Section 404 evaluation; National Historic Preservation Act coordination; Clean Water Act, Section 401 Water Quality Certification; and Coastal Zone Management Consistency Certification.