Completed Iroquois Point T-Head Groins and Beach Restoration
Completed Iroquois Point T-Head Groins and Beach Restoration
Completed Iroquois Point T-Head Groin
Completed Iroquois Point T-Head GroinCompleted Iroquois Point T-Head Groin

Iroquois Point Beach Restoration

The Iroquois Point Naval housing area, located on the southern coast of Oahu immediately adjacent to the west side of the Pearl Harbor entrance channel, has experienced chronic erosion.  Numerous shoreline homes threatened by the erosion have been removed.

As part of the redevelopment of this area by Fluor Hawaii LLC under a lease agreement with the Navy, Sea Engineering was contracted for design, environmental assessment and permit application for a beach restoration and stabilization project.  The project plan consisted of dredging 90,000 cy of sand from the Pearl Harbor Entrance Channel, construction of 9 T-head rock groins, and placement of the dredged sand within the beach cells formed by the groins.  Primary work tasks included:

  1. Beach erosion analysis using historical aerial photographs
  2. Site investigations, including topographic/hydrographic surveys, foundation assessment, sand sampling and analysis, beach and water quality monitoring, and investigation of sand borrow sources
  3. Engineering design analysis including determination of oceanographic parameters, design and evaluation of alternatives, detailed design of the selected plan, and construction cost estimates
  4. Preparation and coordination of an environmental impact assessment and federal/state construction permit applications.

Project construction was completed May, 2013